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1031 Exchange in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico 1031 Exchange, 1031 Tenants in Common, 1031- 721 Upreit

Many Puerto Rico investment property owners are sitting on large capital gains. A 1031 exchange, a 1031 tenants-in-common exchange, or a 1031-721 upreit are powerful tax-deferred investment vehicles for Puerto Rico property owners.

The 1031 tax code allows you to roll-over capital gains from the sale of one building into the purchase of a new property on a tax deferred basis. When employed correctly, it's a powerful tax code that allows investors to move into larger and larger investment properties while locking-in capital gains and increasing rental income.

A powerful and popular variant, the 1031 tenants-in-common exchange, allows an investor to sell one property and rollover the gains on a tax deferred basis into a fractional ownership of a larger building. These larger buildings are often professionally managed and therefore do not require active management which allows an investor to invest in property outside his local market.

To pursue a 1031 exchange, 1031 tenants-in-common exchange, or a 1031-721 upreit, you will need to work with a Puerto Rico Real Estate Broker to sell your property or to identify a suitable 1031 exchange property, or a Puerto Rico Registered Representative to help you find a tenants in common fractional ownership from a reputable Puerto Rico Sponsor, and a Puerto Rico Qualified Intermediary (QID) to execute the transaction.

1031Reviews.com has put together a directory of nationwide Real Estate Brokers, Registered Representatives, Sponsors, and Qualified Intermediaries (QIDs) across the United States, many of which are based in Puerto Rico, to help you complete your 1031 exchange or 1031 tenants in common (TIC) transaction.