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Real estate transactions under section 1031 of the tax code, what the IRS calls "like kind exchanges," are complex. Finding suitable 1031 exchange properties is just the one part of the process. From there, finding reputable 1031 exchange companies is tricky as well. Not to mention trying to understand the nuances of a 1031-721, a tenants in common 1031 exchange, or a 1031 exchange REIT!

But the potential for significant tax deferral is real, so it's important to learn what these terms mean and how to fulfill the 1031 requirements for a successful transaction. To help you navigate this process and understand 1031 exchanges in general, 1031Reviews.com has assembled articles, pointers, and reviews of 1031 exchange companies. We hope these help you to understand the 1031 exchange process and we look forward to your feedback!



  • Nest Egg Investing is a blog written by a successful investor with an Ivy-League MBA who extensively researched the 1031 exchange rules. His blog explains 1031 investments in-depth in a way that makes complex 1031 exchange transactions easy to understand.