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Welcome to 1031Reviews.com, the first site that allows you to find, rate and review 1031 Exchange registered representatives, 1031 qualified intermediaries, 1031 sponsors and other service providers!

Undertaking a 1031 tax exchange--also known as a "like kind exchange"--is complex. Over the past five years, many 1031 exchange variants have emerged--1031 tenants in common exchanges or "1031 TIC exchanges," 1031-721 exchanges or "1031-REIT," 1031-121 exchanges, etc. Each offer distinct advantages and trade-offs. However, at the core, all transactions are complex and working with 1031 companies you can trust is important. Thus, we've created 1031Reviews.com to let you read reviews and contribute your experiences with 1031 providers throughout the US.

As with any new industry, a number of service providers have emerged, and understanding which you can trust is not easy. Based on our personal experience as real estate investors, the range is quite wide. We've run into a number of credible service providers and some quite questionable. Thus, we've created 1031Reviews.com to let you find, read reviews and contribute your experiences with 1031 exchange service providers.

A 1031 exchange is a complex transaction which requires working with various 1031 professionals. Although different types of 1031 exchanges (1031 tenants-in-common, 1031-721 REIT, 1031-121, 1031-reverse exchange, etc.) have slightly different processes, most involve an Attorney, Broker Dealers, Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Qualified Intermediary, Real Estate Brokers, Registered Representatives, Sponsor, and other services. Each role is important, and understanding the provider's competency and integrity is difficult with out the experiences of others.

By helping you find service providers in your local area, collecting and sharing customer feedback, and sharing the latest industry news, we hope that 1031reviews.com will help investors make an informed and well researched 1031 investment decision!

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